DJRowell Photography | Preparation


In our effort to present you with the best images possible, we have some recommendations for your session.  

  • SIMPLICITY - simple, plain outfits photograph best, such as a combination of white/dark and khaki or white/dark and blue jeans for casual images.  Soft pastels will also work when properly coordinated.  It is best to stay away from bright colors, designs, prints, and patterns.  You are the focus of the portrait, and we want to make sure there are no distractions. However, some special occasions or events may work well with bright, colorful clothes especially on children.  Ask if you are uncertain. 


  • Avoid obvious tan lines prior to the session.  A small fee for removing strong, distracting tan lines, tattoos, scars, and other blemishes may be necessary if this service is requested


  • For outdoor images, don't be overly concerned about your hair, as soft breezes tend to add a romantic touch to gently flowing hair; however, a "light hold" hairspray is recommended if you feel you need more control.


  • If you wear glasses and wish to use them in your portrait, remember that glass can be highly reflective or even distort the face slightly, especially when fill flash is used or there is strong outdoor natural light. This can sometimes be remedied by photographic positioning techniques. Another possibility is to have your optician temporarily remove the lenses or borrow a pair of empty frames.  *Retouch fees may apply if extensive removal is needed. 


  • Ladies, keep make-up natural and fresh.  Gentlemen, unless the look is the trendy but stylish "5 o'clock shadow," a fresh shave is recommended as well as trimming your beard or mustache.  


  • For portraits with children, please make sure the little ones are rested and well fed prior to the session.